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Port Settings Tab

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Port Settings Tab
April 26, 2014 11:37PM
Hey there,

I don't really have a feature request, my thingy is more like a less confusing and clearer description on the port settings tab. I take nothing for granted so it was unclear to me what ever the tab was meant for Allow/Deny??. Specially the predefined check box ports. Since the description only say's "Default ports (applies to all profiles)". So it was unclear if this meant a deny ore allow. Once i clicked the add button I understood the tab is to configure allowed rules for services ports. Maybe "Default allowed ports (applies to all profiles)", would be a bit better. Maybe I change it myself in the source and upload the trunk.

Good app, nice to see it's being developed further!
Anonymous User
Re: Port Settings Tab
August 28, 2014 07:22PM
I dont know how ports tab is works exactly, the first glance or impression suggets to the user that its safe to assume that any port number not listed or checked off is "blocked". As it appears now, when you manully add a port it shows that the newly add port will be allowed, it even shows on the column heading. However, there is no option to specifically block a port, thats assuming all ports are blocked, and to assume so would be foolish. What appears blocked in one program could be bypass by another. I have to use TinyWall to cover the what peerblock doesn't, I don't mind, since putting complete faith into only 1 program is folly as well as extremely naive. So, I agree with the OP, the tab needs better clarity.
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