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Put a log-in link on the main peerblock.com page.

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Put a log-in link on the main peerblock.com page.
June 03, 2014 05:11PM
There's no link to log in on the main peerblock.com page, I had to click various links to try and find a way to log in but it wasted time in the process. Why not make it easier on us and just put a link at the top of the main page to sign in with?

And there's no easy way to find my thread posts. After wasting a lot of time clicking different links, I finally stumbled across a page with a link to view my posts. If the "Control Center" is supposed to be a control center, then why not add a link to get to your own posts? Doesn't that make sense to you?

I could say more but those two things are most importantly in need of fixing and sure would make life easier around here.

Don't get me wrong, Peerblock is a great program but this website needs one serious overhaul to become more user-friendly.

Thank you.
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