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All Block

Posted by yynxs 
All Block
September 26, 2015 12:18AM
Peerblock is the only way to constantly monitor and shutdown the internet cloud conspiracy. Web page operation is predicated on content delivery by open server addresses like cachefly, akamai, etc. The problem is when multiple sites use the same server address with the address delivering site content in one case and advertising/tracking in the other.

I am often left with blocking a web address manually for (15min, 1hr, etc) on new websites as I discover their particular advertising/spying schemas. This defeats the ability to move around without ripples as I browse. Using TOR gives privacy, but advertising does it's usual job of obfuscatiing web page content and information.

For web page testing/exploration, I would like to see a small "block all" button that cuts off all connections while monitoring the connection attempts. Putting it above the "Allow HTTP" button would stop my working rules being disturbed as I sort through what addresses are required for a page to work and which ones are just there for tracking/advertising/scripting.

Thank you
Anonymous User
Re: All Block
September 26, 2015 10:00PM
I wouldn't waste your time suggesting features here. The developer seems to have adandon Peerblock, again.

My suggestion, though, would be to use a HOST file and/or something like Adblock Plus or Ublock. I use MVPS Host file along with Adblock Plus and have never had an issue with any tracking or advertising.
Re: All Block
September 30, 2015 05:39PM
I've been talking to my wife too much. I tend to over explain I believe.
I use hosts file and peerblock, and proxomitron, ghost, and alternate with Tor.
Hosts files are hammers and you can't turn them off and on like you can with peerblock individual addresses.

The all block button is for testing.

The "cloud" is the problem. Advertising is presented from multiple script injected addresses. Tracking is done through multiple script injected addresses.
I currently have 1.67 billion addresses blocked including many nation states in their entirety. And even with that many, Akamai, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google move previously safe content only addresses out and insert their tracking/advertising from pools containing the "safe" addresses. That's aside from malware and fake certs.

The all block button is to allow quick stopping of all new connections no matter their previous researched "safe" status. When you see an advert or a counter indicator showing up on a page that previously had none, the all block would let us stop everything to look.

As to the writers and support, I remember a couple years ago when the authors were trying to put together a few bucks to get a cert on peerblock. Literally, no money came in. People have to eat. I guessing they're out earning a living now and have less time for free support.

Peerblock is pretty unique. Literally every major company that advertises and programmers that work with web pages tell me to abandon it. For me, that indicates there's something they can't subvert in it. The fact it saw the Kaspersky hack in real time connection attempts tends to prove that to me and makes it worth keeping.

If they help, it's great. If not because they like to eat, that's ok too.

Everything is going to subscription, perhaps they would allow paid for changes/customizations. Hopefully, one will read this and consider the idea. I'm old, and I have some money. I'll pay my part.
Anonymous User
Re: All Block
September 30, 2015 07:17PM
It not a bad idea and I would like to see such things too, however, it sounds like something you would see in a firewall and the led developer doesn't want to interpercate any firewall-like features wtih Peerblock.
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