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IBlockList is corrupt, We need an alternative

Posted by Gaiares 
IBlockList is corrupt, We need an alternative
June 03, 2015 08:01PM
I recently asked that Akamai be added to their block list. In case you don't know Akamai (I Am Aka) is watching and following you all over the web. You connect to your email, they're watching and will follow you all over the place knowing the information from your email then adding your surfing habits to their database. This is NOT a necessary content distributor for most of the internet and in fact slows down the web considerably.

Akamai eavesdropping evidence

When I showed Mr.Fakhir of IBlockList this evidence on Akamai he actually called it paranoid nonsense! This is a website dedicated to paranoid nonsense. He says that "Akamai is one of the most important companies for keeping the internet working and secure". I mean WTF? They have a list that Blocks Microsoft But not Akamai. You can't even get security updates with Microsoft blocked. Anyway I believe they've been infiltrated because Akamai is so obviously one of the alphabet boys. He was not happy when I told him I would get this information out and threatened to sue me :] .

I believe we have a right to know what's NOT being blocked on these list at IBlockList. I love PeerBlock and THEY have tried to discredit PeerBlock for so long now and since that didn't work I believe that a takeover is the logical next step. We need a valid alternative as having only one main source inevitably leads to corruption. Please see the email evidence and decide for yourself.

Email Screenshots

Email HTML
Anonymous User
Re: IBlockList is corrupt, We need an alternative
June 13, 2015 09:45PM
Hello Gaiares. I read your screenshots and what Fakhir was rude of him and I also have seen him act that way myself, but he does have a point about Akamai. They are a big time company that help keep people secure by providing cloud services. Those "spiders" you mention are how they are stopping the bad guys. It helps them track them down and provide countermeasures against them. Also, not all the lists on Iblocklist were created to be used as block list. Some of them were created to be used as allow lists, too, for people who want to block all IP ranges ( to, hence the reason why Microsoft, ISP providers, and others are on there.

On the other hand, I guess that is why Peerblock was created in the first place, to prevent people you don't want from monitoring your system.
Re: IBlockList is corrupt, We need an alternative
October 05, 2015 06:24AM
if my Windows Update is active and i have SmartSniff running i notice that many of the connections are to Akamai.
Seems likely that all of these large "Content Delivery Networks" are going to be a problem as well.
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