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Ways to torrent in college

Posted by Cowgoesmoo2 
Ways to torrent in college
October 08, 2015 10:26PM
I'm at college in UCSD, and while my college doesn't actively try to find and fine us, apparently legally, colleges can't do anything about WMG monitoring us. My school apparently does not actively help companies to find us, at least.

This is something hidden at my school that people don't know too much of, and it notes on illegal p2p-ing.

20) Everything you need to know about the campus internet and ACMS services


How do people on campus get caught for downloading illegal content?

If you’re on a public tracker (eg. thePirateBay.se) then there is a stupidly high chance the torrent is being monitored by third party companies that work for the MPAA/RIAA/etc. these companies notify the designated DMCA officer (Someone in ACMS ResNet [Residential network]) who then blocks your internet (this step is taken to prevent further filesharing notifications and show that ACMS (the Internet Service Provider) is acting in good faith). If you want to have it unblocked, you will have to bring your computer in for a malware scan and attend a lecture on copyright.

That’s for first time offenders. Second time offenders meet with the dean, third time offenders are permabanned. It’s stupid and time consuming and your best bet for getting content is from someone off-campus or good ole hard drives of people’s collections of stuff. Legal alternatives include Amazon Prime (link your UCSD email for the student trial and subsequent discounted rate), Netflix (or Hulu+ which despite the subscription is ad-supported) or for use the content provider’s site which sometimes hosts the latest few episodes. For example, Comedy Central’s website is the best one out there in terms of what content they offer (use the adblock browser extension to skip ads). Short of that, there are a host of online streaming sites, many which quickly get shuttered, so do your research and ask around.
Do not set up your internet profile on anyone elses computer unless they are the kind of person you’d be happy to take the blame for to keep them out of trouble (eg bff’s, siblings, etc). Regardless of who violated the DMCA, the profile in which the access the internet will be held accountable.

People who torrent on their laptops at home then bring them on campus and connect to the UCSD-PROTECTED network without shutting their torrent app down also get caught. Use Peerblock (see below)

Are there ways of not getting caught?

Short answer: If you’re doing something illegal, there will always be a chance of getting caught. Anyone who says otherwise is an overconfident @#$%& (these are the Mr. 2nd and 3rd-violations who get permabanned).

[Image: L5xzz5zGj-txDHCETrqD7HyGWddK-UhuilL2-_uD...HSbJa2blUE]
Not uploading is a myth, anyone who says otherwise doesn’t understand how the torrent protocols work, the protocol forces you to upload even the smallest amount which is enough to catch you. As long as you are in the torrent swarm of a monitored torrent, and they see you are in UCSD’s network, you’re pretty @#$%&.

If you want to play the game and potentially get caught, use a P2P peer filter such as Peerblock ( [www.peerblock.com]) - install the P2P list so you block out known third party monitoring companies. Keyword being known - new monitoring IPs crop up all the time.
(Peerblock is like a condom but it ain't abstinence - with condoms you will always have a chance of impregnating someone or catching their STD, with peerblock you will always have a chance of getting caught).

PEERBLOCK =/= 100% effective

You won't get caught with direct downloads. Direct downloading means downloading from sites like mediafire, sendspace, etc
warez-bb.org is a great site for direct downloads - games, music, movies, and a whole bunch more

However, in agreement to using my school wifi, we are all required to install a "safeconnect" program.
Here is a description:[howto.adams.edu]
I thought it was a rootkit, but perhaps i'm wrong. Also, I have a p2p client installed, although safeconnect doesn't really care apparently.

So anyways, there must be a way to download and use something like utorrent without being caught, and without risk right?
Can it be as simple as a VPN?

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