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Which is the Best VPN For USA?

Posted by bradhaddin81 
Which is the Best VPN For USA?
March 28, 2016 10:18AM
I researched a lot for best vpn in USA but did not find a single USA VPN that provides fast speed for torrenting, Streaming, Downloading and that also Compatible for Windows, Mac, IOS and Android?

So If anyone Knows of such VPN software, please recommend.
Re: Which is the Best VPN For USA?
June 17, 2016 10:37PM
Most if not all VPN's are in other countries so they can avoid the law's of the united states.
If they were in the USA they would be a moot point as law enforcement could make them give up all the information on a person and what they have been up or down loading.
Re: Which is the Best VPN For USA?
July 19, 2016 01:18PM
Alright, from experience, and please do Google my username "Omeglewarden", and find all my posts here too.

You're going to want to get


And set that up - It's amazing at protection and you can connect to basically anywhere in the world, almost.

I set mine up to

1: Prevent DNS Leaks on IPV4 and IPv6
2: Internet Kill Switch if my VPN disconnects (If there's no VPN connection, or the server goes down, until I change servers my internet will never broadcast itself, as in my actual IP loading data)
3: AES-256 Encryption, Data Authentication: SHA-256, Handshake: RSA:4096
4: Check screenshot for the "Advanced" tab: [puu.sh] (basically what I just posted)

This VPN has never, never let me down.

Most of the time I am connected to Choopa or BlackLotus servers, and twice a Voxility server, and A-LOT of times OVH.

DDoSing my VPN is pretty hard to do.

smiling smiley

And PRIVACY is one of my largest concerns, I highly suggest this for $7/mo

Not only that but you get a SOCKS5 connection for up to 5 devices to connect to; phone, tablet, laptop, another PC, etc

It's really nice.
Re: Which is the Best VPN For USA?
November 03, 2016 01:05AM
I too recommend Private Internet Acess.

Here is discounted rate @ [www.privateinternetaccess.com]

Even now and then they do even cheaper 2 year deals too, but all I found at the moment have expired.

Probably on sale again during black Friday and Christmas like last year.
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