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Omegle.com Pervert List [Halted]

Posted by Omeglewarden 
Omegle.com Pervert List [Halted]
February 14, 2017 02:01AM
Hello everyone,

It tears me apart that I must stop the "omeglewarden.com / omeglewarden.weebly.com" peerblock list updates and work.

Peerblock is great for blocking out File-sharing and Sending/Receiving and video/audio feeds from websites like omegle.com and skype.

These lists included:

Child Pornography
Child Pornography Distributors
Pornography on camera
Men Masturbating randomly on camera
Anyone from 4chan
Anyone from a VPN or Proxy (So you get the real IPs)
Murder / assault / violence lovers (fetishes)
All known and unknown Military (NSA, CIA, DOD, DOE, DOJ, DOS - etc) IP ranges.
People who tried and failed to DDoS my website, other projects and myself.
And a whole lot more.

I even include my own IPs so you don't run into me during my scans / harvests.

I have done "omeglewarden's lists" for going on 4 years now with massive constant updating..

I am afraid I have to stop for now.

Issues: Need funds to keep it running and to motivate me.. since I have never been paid for my work which is very extensive.

I have created a gofundme if anyone is intested, but until I reach $65 I cannot continue this work, i have set it to $2500 just in-case I need something else, like the servers bill - you never know.

To donate to my cause please visit: [www.gofundme.com]
And thank you to those that spread my link!

Sorry sad smiley

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